the Client.

Brighton Grammar is a leading private boys' school in Melbourne, with strong community traditions and a culture of excellence. Founded in 1882, the school has a non-selective enrolment policy with over 1,400 students from ELC to VCE.


the Client.

Sushi Hub opened its first store on 16 October 2006 in an alleyway in Cabramatta, NSW. It now has more than 120 stores operating Australia. Sushi Hub constantly works to deliver the freshest, top-quality sushi to customers. Sushi Hub products are sourced locally and delivered daily to ensure the best quality. Sushi is the heart and soul of Sushi Hub. Making and serving sushi is a labour of love between the chefs and customers. Sushi Hub’s love of classical sushi has resulted in the creation of a sublime menu that is full of flavours.


Digital Signage

Create wireframes at the speed of light by using
and customising the components we have
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Digital Platform.

Create wireframes at the speed of light by using
and customising the components we have
available out of the box.



Create wireframes at the speed of light by using
and customising the components we have
available out of the box.


the Client.

Mitre 10, formed in 1959, is a large player in the Australian home improvement and hardware industry. The Mitre 10 group comprises of Australia's largest independent home improvement and hardware wholesaler to the industry and an independent and local retail network of over 300 Mitre 10 and True Value Hardware stores.


Grow your business with
Cybercast Digital Signage

SONIQ and Cybercast share a mission to bring a complete end-to-end Digital Signage platform to businesses across Australia & New Zealand.
By providing our customers innovative ways to drive sales, improve customer experiences and reinforce brand awareness, the Cybercast platform supplies businesses with both the hardware and software solutions to deliver a much more relevant customer experience.






The Need.

Present an entire new 'home connect' IoT product range inside stores that would inform and educate customers as well as their in-store staff. The new range of IoT products is a break-away from Mitre 10’s traditional hardware supply. So it requires a digital solution to present and compliment the range and enhance the store’s image as a digital supplier. The catalogue range includes over 100 products by 7 different suppliers. The solution needs to take into consideration their customer’s shopping behaviour, which was previously formulated internally by Mitre 10. Mitre 10 needs the ability to add and remove products, as well as update images and descriptions. Source of content would be driven manually from head office via local directories. Integration with Mitre 10's existing intranet product portal is required for product consistency and updates.

Integration with Mitre 10's existing intranet product portal

Create a more attractive and inviting environment

Better control of promotions and quick distribution

Ensure content is relevant, compelling and accurate


The Opportunity.

Progressive schools and universities are turning to digital signage to meet the challenge of managing communications with thousands of students, staff, and visitors on large campuses. As well as innovating how, educational material is delivered and consumed in the classrooms. A great example of this lies at Brighton Grammar School (BGS) BGS was looking at various digital solutions to solve separate set of challenges and goals across all areas of the school and Cybercast was the answer to achieving them.

Better control and distribution of communication

Time and cost savings on marketing materials

More attractive and engaging visual experiences

Enhance educational experience in the classroom


The Need.

A major priority for Sushi Hub was to save cost by replacing their printed posters they send out to stores. Posters were slow to deploy and extremely expensive, limiting the number of campaigns they could afford to run with messages getting outdated quickly. Without a centralised control over the marketing collateral and deployment, HQ could not control if correct content was being displayed; or any content at all. They wanted to ensure accuracy throughout their promotions.

Replace costly and outdated posters

Create a more attractive and inviting environment

Better control of promotions and quick distribution

Ensure content is relevant, compelling and accurate

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All the content that you love, exactly how you want it. Upgrade your viewing experience with SONIQ’s range of Android TVs.



the Client.

Epworth HealthCare is Victoria's largest not-for-profit private hospital group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation. Epworth is an innovator in Australia’s health system, embracing the latest in evidence-based medicine to pioneer treatments and services for our patients.


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Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and digital commercial displays. SONIQ offers a diverse range of quality displays that provides professional-grade image quality and high impact messaging built to drive your business’ future. From 4K digital screens to large-scale indoor/outdoor LED walls, SONIQ has the hardware solution you’re looking for.



Bring your
content to life
with Cybercast’s
CMS Platform.

Cybercast brings content, device and data management together with an innovative CMS suite. Designed for all experience levels, Cybercast’s Content Management System provides complete-control and scalability through a user-friendly interface.

Users can easily manage both content and devices in real time through a single all-in-one platform. Schedule and control your content anytime to your network of devices anytime, anywhere.


Advertising for Everyone.

With a growing network consisting of digital advertising screens in key high traffic locations, Cybercast has created an affordable and accessible Digital Advertising platform.

Become a host site through Cybercast Advertising’s Media Partner Program and earn a passive income stream, or purchase advertising space and take full control of where, when and how your advertisements are seen.


Open doors to new
possibilities with SONIQ

Partner with us to leverage each other’s strength, to excel in our respective industries and add exceptional value to our loyal customers.


The Opportunity.

With the heightened need to communicate during the 2020 pandemic, there was an immediacy to replace static posters and notice boards with a responsive and centralised communication tool. A great need arose to share important corporate, health & wellness and compliance messaging across a digital signage network at multiple locations while being able to easily manage, update and tailor content in real time, per specific screen. There were also internal needs to quickly and efficiently maintain and broadcast operating theatre timetables to relevant personnel, doctors and nurses. Digital residency directories were also on the agenda. With multiple digital display endpoints at different locations, serving specific purposes, there were many components to the project. It was important for Epworth to find a technology partner that provides an effective end-to-end solution.

Replace costly and outdated posters

Create a more attractive and inviting environment

Better control of communications and quick distribution

Quickly and efficiently broadcast operating theatre timetables



The Solution.

After evaluating several solutions, they selected Cybercast for a pilot test. To see if it will fulfill their need. Cybercast exceeded expectations. After a successful pilot period, screens were installed in all shops across Australia. The digital screens were sleek and clean with vivid, vibrant picture quality. Cybercast was able to offer a wide range of screens to meet a variety of customer engagement objectives and to retro fit some unique store layouts.


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At SONIQ, we’re driven to help elevate our clients. With experience and expertise in consumer electronics, digital commercial displays and logistics, SONIQ will work alongside your business to create bespoke solutions that suit your business needs.


The Solution.

Cybercast - Cloud Digital Signage would be used as the platform to control content publishing, monitoring and managing of screens.


The Solution.

The Cybercast digital signage solution improves how they connect people on campus and better deliver education. Its' usage enhances learning, promotes safety, improves information dissemination, elevates branding, facilitate sporting matches and provides entertainment.


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Use digital signage systems to create an effective and cost-efficient network across schools, university campuses and dormitories.
Easily manage it centrally through a web-based dashboard: anything from sporting event reminders to special class programs. Keep your students and staff informed with urgent and time-sensitive updates.
Deploy Cybercast digital signage solutions for healthcare to enhance patient experience and improve vital communication with time poor medical staff. Keep your patients and staff informed with urgent and time-sensitive updates.
Integrate Cybercast visual solutions into your retail chain and shopping centres to enhance your customer shopping experience and brand loyalty. Maximise exposure by promoting targeted items with unmissable content through displays. Keep your customers informed and entertained.
Build an effective and simple visual network to improve corporate communication and the overall office experience. Increase engagement within separate departments, branches, and companies. Effortlessly integrate digital signage solutions at any scale and into an unlimited number of offices. Easily update and edit your content on-the-fly with maximum security.
Integrate Cybercast digital signage for events into your venues to enhance visitors' experience and improve your marketing communication. Maximise the average visiting time by offering additional services with engaging and appealing digital signage content through screens. Keep your visitors informed and entertained.
Cybercast digital signage is a versatile visual communication tool to improve your engagement with clients for both outdoor and indoor digital displays. Use our digital signage software and quality digital displays to inform and engage with your audience in residential and commercial properties.
Integrate Cybercast digital signage solutions into your hotel chain, restaurants and facilities to enhance guests' experience and improve your brand loyalty. Maximise the average visiting time by promoting additional services and property features with engaging and appealing content through screens. Keep your customers informed and entertained.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Digital kiosk with touch screen capabilities was chosen to present the content and interface with customers and staff. Mitre 10 would engage their store fitter to physically wrap the kiosk and house them in custom-built timber cabinets to match the store's décor.

A custom app with backend CMS would be built to allow Mitre 10 to manage the content and integrate with their intranet portal. UX design of the app to leverage Mitre 10’s understanding of their customer’s shopping behaviour, which revolves around the area of the home and not specific products i.e. Garden, Garage, Kitchen etc. Data capture would be built into the app for activity tracking; what products are touched and searched.

LED videowall

Further promotional reinforcement was achieved via the deployment of an LED videowall. Rich, multimedia content is broadcast to the wall for maximum impact and communication. These walls complimented the kiosk solution as it compelled customers to interact with the kiosk 'Connected Homes' application to learn more about the products, thus driving customer engagement.

Enhance Classroom Learning with Interactive Touch Displays.

Enhance the learning experience with quality digital displays and interactive touch screens that's compatible with other media integration and technology. The touch experience provides hands-on learning and collaboration, especially important for foundation primary years.

Promote Safety via Digital Displays.

Remind students, faculty and visitors about personal hygiene and safe distancing measures; keep the school community safe with emergency alerts.

Communicate Campus Events with Kiosks.

Cultivate strong student and staff communities by displaying campus news and events.

Boost Branding with Reception and Auditorium Signage.

Create a pleasant vibe for visitors and strengthen branding by featuring welcome messages on digital screens at the school lobby.

Facilitate Sporting Matches with Outdoor LED Digital Display.

A super bright, high-resolution outdoor LED screen is versatile enough to keep scores of a sporting game, as well as publishing other types of multimedia and application to engage crowds at outdoor venues.

In-store digital promotion display

The screens deployed included 16" slim line displays for the shop counter, 88” long displays for compelling content, capacitive touch displays for customer interaction and robust commercial 4K displays. Robust enough to run all day, 7 days a week. Additionally, all screens arrive at shops pre-configured and paired. Relevant content is published in an instant with Cybercast 'Plug & Play' solution.
Currently, Sushi Hub uses Cybercast to display videos and images for seasonal promotions. Content is general promotional, cross-selling and/or up-selling, while also keeping customers entertained. The ultimate goal is of course, to boost sales.



The Solution.

Cybercast provided a comprehensive solution, including digital displays, hardware mounts, Cybercast CMS, installation, support, training, and bespoke applications. A wide range of digital displays were deployed including ultra-HD Digital Screens, capacitive touchscreens, kiosks with touch screen and video walls. These digital displayed were placed at building entry points, waiting rooms, corridors, theatre areas and administration areas. The Cybercast CMS was able to configure and accommodate the locations of screens, its associated content and allow for easy management and monitoring.


The Results
& Benefits.

Cybercast Promotional efforts were published to the screen as an advertising channel. The interactive app encouraged customer engagement and learning. Staff interaction with the screen allowed self-learning. Intelligence derived from activity tacking drove marketing initiatives and product sourcing, reducing the number of products they purchase and host.



The Results
& Benefits.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in Education.

Enhance learning

Digital signage for schools makes learning more fun and enjoyable by visual simulation of ideas and concepts.

Redefine campus-wide communication

Capture the attention of students, faculty, and visitors with vivid digital displays. Update information easily, in seconds.

Connect with students & faculty members

Digital display screens for schools promote a sense of community by featuring highlights of student life and campus events.

Revamp brand messaging

Welcome visitors with stunning digital displays, providing an impressive first and lasting impression. Showcase student achievements at the reception area.

Engage and entertain visitors

Keep visitors entertained with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates. As well as keeping sporting crowds on the 'edge of their seat' with a responsive vivid scoreboard.



The Results
& Benefits.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

With screens for all their outlets synced centrally and the ability to push content easily where and whenever required, Sushi Hub are now able to maximise their opportunity to generate additional revenue with digital promotion displays. All this is achieved efficiently, effectively, reducing operational cost. On top of this, Sushi Hub also offer their customers a more modern, retail environment. That is, while raising their profile as an innovative digital signage adopter.

Overall, the main benefit that Cybercast has given Shushi Hub is clear; they can show customers the right content, at the right time, in the right place. And in a very simple way. This means that Sushi Hub's operational, commercial, and marketing teams can work on more critical matters to the company's business.

Sushi Hub's focus is selling Sushi. Cybercast's end-to-end solution with exceptional level of support takes away the hassle of maintenance and service of devices.

Operating Theatre Schedule

Previously the operating theatre schedule was hand-written by an administrator on a traditional whiteboard. The administrator needed to attend to the whiteboard at its physical location and manually made changes. It was time consuming, and accuracy was not guaranteed. Working together with the Epworth team, Cybercast developed an expert bespoke application that enabled the theatre schedules to be uploaded and displayed on digital screens at different locations, remotely from the administrator’s computer. Live updates were just one click away. It is crucial that doctors and nurses were guided to their assigned theatres with accuracy in a timely manner.

Digital Directories

Another bespoke application was its Digital Residency Directory. Residents shift and change. Cybercast digital signage ensures that the resident information including doctor profile, services provided and room location is always accurate and up to date.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Types of messaging included timely COVID-19-related updates, doctor profiles and donor recognition that were published on displays across the full network, as well as location-specific content on custom playlists.

The Cybercast platform has allowed us to effectively capture exactly what products customers are looking for, and has introduced a much more immersive customer experience.

Cybercast has enhanced the learning experience for our students and helped our institution redefine communication within the campus.

Cybercast is an outstanding platform, easy to use and powerful. Allowing us to achieve our sale's goals and customer engagement goals. It has exceeded all our expectations.



The Results
& Benefits.

With the deployment of Cybercast, Epworth has enhanced its branding as the innovator in the health industry pioneering in the process of digital transformation.

Communication Efficiency

Cybercast is an effective and efficient communication platform that serves as a means of conveying critical and timely information across multiple locations with assurances of network health. Cybercast has helped Epworth communicate with their doctors, nurses, staff, residents, visitors and patients with the right content, at the right time, in the right place and in a very simple way.

Operational Costs Reduction

Cybercast digital signage solution has helped Epworth reduce operational costs significantly. Usage of prints and posters have been minimised, enabling Epworth to achieve a clean and professional appearance as well as reduce the carbon footprint.

Intuitive Content Management System and Ease of Deployment

The content management and network administration of Cybercast are user-friendly, intuitive and effective. The deployment of campaigns to multiple screens of various sizes and configurations needing to play specific contents with relevance was made so easy to operate with that one does not need to be technically savvy to master Cybercast.

Stability and Reliability

With the solution supporting a network spanning across multiple locations, the new solution had full support from Cybercast including services, training and system monitoring to ensure network health.

Strong Technology Partnership

Cybercast provided not only the full technology solution but also the deep knowledge and commitment to continue supporting Epworth on what they needed for success.

Cybercast is such a power tool that facilitates the communication within the hospital. It is easy to operate and the feedback from the staff has been extremely positive. It has exceeded expectations in every aspect, from the products and solutions to the support and services.


Business Development Manager

at SONIQ, Fulltime position
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


SONIQ is a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, grounded with extensive expertise in Televisions and Commercial Digital Displays.

Operating under the brand 'Cybercast', SONIQ is now a fast paced, fast growing technology company in the Digital Solutions space. Providing innovative Digital Signage and Software Solutions to major clients in the Retail & Hospitality, Education, and Healthcare industry.

SONIQ has a unique entrepreneurial spirit and the adaptability of a 'Start-Up'. We provide a flexible, hybrid style working environment and value work life balance.


We are looking for a Business Development Manager to join our growing Cybercast sales team. Ideally with job active experience in the Education and/or Healthcare industry who has a proven record in prospecting and creating new opportunities.


You will partner with clients to actively seek opportunities. Identifying synergies and solving their organisational challenges and adding value to their business with our solutions portfolio.

Responsibilities will include.

  • Relationship management with all assigned customers
  • Identify business opportunities in the market and implement appropriate strategies
  • Achieve KPI’s, build sales pipeline, and develop your network
  • Creating proposals, preparing presentations, and other sales materials.
  • Work closely with the product and marketing team to provide feedback on improving our product offering, processes, and customer experience.
  • Understand the market dynamics, industry trends and landscapes to bring new insights and solutions to enhance the business and profitability

Preferred Candidate Qualifications and Skills.

  • Bachelor's Degree in business, marketing, or business administration.
  • Strong background and connections within the Education and Healthcare industry would be highly favourable.
  • A natural networker with a persuasive personality.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication.


  • Full-time, permanent role with commission structure.
  • $150k+ potential package.

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National & Group Co-ordinator

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Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
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Cybercast Sales Support

at SONIQ, Fulltime position
Melbourne CBD & Braeside Vic, AUSTRALIA


SONIQ is a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, grounded with extensive expertise in Televisions and Commercial Digital Displays.

Operating under the brand 'Cybercast', SONIQ is now a fast paced, fast growing technology company in the Digital Solutions space. Providing innovative Digital Signage and Software Solutions to major clients in the Retail & Hospitality, Education, and Healthcare industry.

SONIQ has a unique entrepreneurial spirit and the adaptability of a 'Start-Up'. We provide a flexible, hybrid style working environment and value work life balance.

We are offering a fantastic opportunity for a highly motivated individual to join our team as a Sales Support based in Melbourne city and Braeside.


We are seeking a Sales Support to join our Sales and Marketing Team located in Braeside, Melbourne.

As a Sales Support, you will be assisting the sales team and building relationships with customers and resellers with excellent customer service.

In this role, you will be responsible for:

  • Providing sales and service support to the appropriate teams within the business
  • Preparing quotes and processing of sales orders
  • Coordinating and administering reporting and documents
  • Updating and maintaining CRM
  • Providing account management & customer service
  • Liaising with warehouse staff for dispatching, processing and tracking of orders/deliveries
  • Liaising with finance team to resolve invoicing and credit questions / problems
  • Ad hoc administration/accounts assistant duties where required

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A positive can-do attitude
  • Passionate about technology
  • A friendly and proactive approach as a good team player
  • Confident and have high energy
  • Experience in providing excellent customer service highly desirable
  • Software Solutions experience preferred but not essential

College and university graduates are encouraged to apply as training will be provided to the right candidate.

Account Payable and Clerk

at SONIQ, Fulltime position
 Braeside Vic, AUSTRALIA


SONIQ is a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, grounded with extensive expertise in Televisions and Commercial Digital Displays.

Operating under the brand 'Cybercast', SONIQ is now a fast paced, fast growing technology company in the Digital Solutions space. Providing innovative Digital Signage and Software Solutions to major clients in the Retail & Hospitality, Education, and Healthcare industry.

SONIQ has a unique entrepreneurial spirit and the adaptability of a 'Start-Up'. We provide a flexible, hybrid style working environment and value work life balance.

We are offering a fantastic opportunity for a highly motivated individual to join our team as an Account Payable and Clerk based in Braeside.


We are seeking an Account Payable and Clerk to join our Accounting Team located in Braeside, Melbourne.

In this role, you will be responsible for:

  • Entry of high-volume supplier and contractor invoices.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • End of month entries, reconciliations, and reporting.
  • Contractor and supplier payments.
  • Involvement in project works.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Communication with internal staffs and external contractors, suppliers.

To be successful in this role, you will have:

  • A positive can-do attitude.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • A friendly and proactive approach as a good team player.
  • Strong attention to detail.

College and university graduates are encouraged to apply as training will be provided to the right candidate.

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Our Lowest Price Guarantee means, if you find a competitor’s advertised price online for a TV in stock of similar specs and features, we will beat our competitor's online price by 5%

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What items does the 5% reduction apply to?

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What items are excluded from the lowest price guarantee?

  • Any Non-SONIQ Branded item
  • Clearance, seconds or refurbished lines or ex-demonstration offers.
  • Advertising errors (either ours or our competitors).
  • Conditional offers such as package and bundle deals, cash back, bonus or limited quantities.
  • Offers that require delivery from an overseas distributor direct to the customer.
  • Cash back and coupon offers.
  • Commercial quantities.
  • Customer special orders.
  • Resellers and Grey Importers (i.e. products offered for sale in Australia by unauthorised retailers)
  • Business Pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)
  • Stock liquidations and competitor clearance products.
  • Discounts not available to the public.
  • Offers by any resellers, classifieds, auction sites, manufacturers, distributors or importers.

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National & Group Co-ordinator
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Cybercast Sales Support
Melbourne CBD & Braeside Vic, AUSTRALIA
Business Development Manager
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Account Payable and Clerk
Braeside, Victoria


The National & Group Co-Ordinator will manage / supervisor the daily supply chain process from customer order through to the completion of the customer’s request, ensuring optimisation of both the customer’s expectation and Quatius logistics’ profitability.

Through the day-to-day running of the operation and monitoring of best practice approaches within the industry, National & Group Co-Ordinator will also be integral as part of the executive in developing strategic short to long term direction through to implementation with the goal of continual improvement of customer satisfaction objectives. Ultimately maximising Quatius Logistics Company profitability and efficiencies.


  • 3+ years experience in the logistics industry
  • Strong leadership capabilities
  • Likes working in a results-orientated team environment
  • Demonstrates initiative, enthusiasm, and a willingness to innovate processes
  • Has exceptional attention to detail
  • Familiarity with stock control, dispatch, OH&S/WHS policies and general warehouse processes
  • Hands on, physically fit with a reliable work history
  • Forklift Licensel


We are always looking for people with unique skills.

Send us your CV and we will get in touch when we have an opening that matches your expectations.







  • Full-time role.
  • Competitive remuneration package based on applicant experience

If you are hardworking, organised, reliable, proactive, have a positive attitude along with good time management skills we would love to hear from you.


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